(RENAISSANCE) - Application


Middle School Alternative Program (Renaissance) provides 40 students in grades six through eight with the opportunity to improve their academic performance and behavior. These students have been referred to the program because of persistent failure, behavior referrals, chronic absences, and negative self-concepts. Students range in age from 11-15 and are divided into three groups according to their level of progress towards meeting the state's core content standards. Each SLT has one program. SLT I students are in Morton Street, SLT III students are in William H. Brown Academy, SLT IV students are in Gladys Hillman Jones and SLT V students are in Camden Middle. SLT II has a special program for over-age middle school students.


In order to be recommended to an alternative program, students must meet the following criteria:  

I. Student must be referred to I & RS and have been given the opportunity to participate in all possible intervention strategies as listed in the I & RS manual and districtís Student Code of Conduct Level III/IV.

II. The administration will review a school-level intervention plan and its outcome.

III. The administration will make a decision whether to continue the student in regular program or refer to the alternative program.

IV. The recommendations will then be forwarded to the Office of Alternative Education with approval from SLT II.

V. Upon approval, the parent will be contacted for a meeting and the application will be completed.

VI. Once the approval process is complete, the student will follow the districtís transfer policy.

VII. Upon admission to any Alternative Program, the student, his or her parent(s) /guardian(s), and the Coordinator, Social Worker / Psychologist and Guidance Counselor will meet in order to agree upon the studentís Individual Program Plan (IPP).  This document specifies individualized academic, attendance, socio-emotional, and behavioral goals.

VIII. The student as well as his or her parents(s) or guardian(s) must sign a contract, which outlines each personís rights and responsibilities as members of the school community.