First Grade Academic Expectations and Resources


CCCS - Cumulative Progress Indicators - The CPI checklists can be utilized by stakeholders to identify academic strengths and weaknesses. Identified weaknesses may be addressed by referring to previous grade's CPIs, which may be viewed as precursor, prerequisite or remedial skills. Also, identified strengths may be enriched by referring to the next grade's CPIs. Because they are cumulative, the following CPIs include expectations up to that year:

Ø  Note - In the 2009-10 school year, the NJDOE developed and began implementing new Core Curriculum Standards for Pre K to 12th grade. In addition, according to New Jersey’s regulations (6A:13-2.1), districts need develop and implement curriculum that are aligned with these new standards and must include:

1. Interdisciplinary connections throughout;

2. Integration of 21st century skills;

3. A pacing guide;

4. A list of instructional materials, including various levels of text at each grade;

5. Benchmark assessments; and

6. Modifications for special education students, for English language learners and for gifted students.


However, districts are being given until the 2011 - 2012 school year to develop and align curriculum to these standards. In addition, the NJDOE will continue to use previous standards (CPIs and resources in the standards clarifications project) on state assessments for grades 3 to 8. Consequently, the CPIs cited above reflect the 2004 standards.


Newark's Curriculum - The Newark Public Schools' Curriculum is fully aligned with the state's standards and utilizes research-based strategies, curriculum and pacing guides, as well as a huge array of other resources to facilitate student success. Many of these resources can be accessed for the corresponding subjects on Newark's web page for Teaching and Learning - - and/or Newark's eBoard Portal -    




Intensive Early Literacy