Content Area: Technological Literacy


Index: 8.2A Grade 4 CPI 1


Standard:8.2 - Technology Education


Strand: A - Nature and Impact of Technology


Cumulative Progress Indicator: 1 - Refer to Science Standards 5.2 and 5.4.


Grade: 4


Sample Activities:


    Teacher conducts a discussion and students complete Internet research on batteries.  Conduct a Volta experiment in class and then have students design  an environmentally safe and biodegradable battery.  Look on the Internet for "lemon batteries" to find procedures to follow.   Students hypothese whether sweet fruits or sour fruits will make batteries with higher voltage.


     Read the book, The Bernstein Bears Fly It!  Up, Up, and Away,  Random House Books for Young Readers, SBN 0-769-873-2-1.


     Students design paper airplanes with balloon power.


     Build a technological instrument to video an animal in the ocean.  Resource:


     Participate in interactive simulations


     Choose toy icon at


     Make a handheld model of a Hubble Space telescope.  Resource:


     Investigate how inventions have changed our lives.  Resource


     Investigate how smart electromagnets are used in a Disney ride.  Resource:


    Technology Solves Problems


    City Technology Kidsí Page:


    City Technology Professional Development Guide:









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