Content Area: Science


Index: 5.8D Grade 8 CPI 1


Standard: 5.8 - Earth Science


Strand: D - How We Study The Earth


Essential Questions

-  How does technology extend human senses and understanding of Earth?


Enduring Understandings

Technology enables us to better understand Earth’s systems and the impact of Earth’s systems on human activity.


Cumulative Progress Indicator: 1 - The student will utilize data gathered from a variety of technological sources (e.g., geographic information systems (GIS) and global positioning systems (GPS)) to evaluate global and local changes caused by natural and human events.


Grade: 8


Instructional/Assessment Strategies:
• Analyzing and explaining the physical and biological changes in the regions evidenced in the Mississippi and/or Amazon River Deltas using GIS data
• Analyzing and explaining the changes that occurred to the region as a result of a natural disaster such as the eruption of Mt. St. Helens and/or a tsunami in the Indian Ocean using GIS data


Sample Activities:


·       Investigating the Climate System - Clouds:

·       Investigating the Climate System - Precipitation:

·       Investigating the Climate System - Weather:

·       Investigating the Climate System - Winds:






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