Content Area: Science


Index: 5.4B Grade 8 CPI 1


Standard: 5.4 - Nature and Process of Technology


Strand: B - Nature of Technology


Essential Questions

-  Are there ways to circumvent physical and social constraints when using technology?


Enduring Understandings

-  Physical constraints and social values play a role in limiting the use of technology to solve problems.


Cumulative Progress Indicator: 1 -  The student will analyze a product or system to determine the problem it was designed to solve, the design constraints, trade-offs and risks involved in using the product or system, how the product or system might fail, and how the product or system might be improved.


Grade: 8


Assessment Strategy:
Select a technological problem and describe the criteria and constraints that are addressed in solving the problem using the design loop.


Sample Activities:






       Investigating the Climate System - Precipitation:


       Investigating the Climate System - Winds:


       Future Flight Design Part I:


       Future Flight Design Part II:



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