Content Area: Science


Index: 5.1C Grade 8 CPI 2


Standard: 5.1 - Scientific Processes


Strand: C - Safety


Essential Questions

- What does Safety First demand of us in each setting?
- What rules are general and what are situation-specific?


Enduring Understandings

- Safety first!


Cumulative Progress Indicator: 2 - The student will understand, evaluate and practice safe procedures for conducting science investigations.


Grade: 8


Sample Test Item:
Maria has one glass of pure water and one glass of salt water, which look exactly alike. Maria has decided to boil small samples of water on a hot plate to evaporate the water to identify which sample has salt dissolved in it. Identify the potential hazards of doing so and what Maria should do to keep safe.


Sample Activities:


       Fluid Power/Robotics

       Science Fairs, Projects - How to, scientific method, project suggestions, parental involvement, etc.

       Pop Can Hero Engine

       Rocket Racer

       3-2-1 Pop!

       Antacid Tablet Race

       Paper Rockets

       Newton Car

       Balloon Staging

       Rocket Transportation

       Bottle Rocket

       Project X-35





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