Content Area: Science


Index: 5.1A Grade 8 CPI 3


Standard: 5.1 - Scientific Processes


Strand: A - Habits of Mind


Essential Questions

- What constitutes evidence?

- When do you know you have enough and the right kind of evidence?
-How can this result be best justified and explained to others?


Enduring Understandings

- Scientific inquiry involves asking scientifically-oriented questions, collecting evidence, forming explanations, connecting explanations to scientific knowledge and theory, and communicating and justifying explanations.


Cumulative Progress Indicator: 3 - The student will recognize that the results of scientific investigations are seldom exactly the same and that replication is often necessary.


Grade: 8



Sample Activities:



       Science Fairs, Projects - How to, scientific method, project suggestions, parental involvement, etc.

       Pop Can Hero Engine

       Rocket Racer

       3-2-1 Pop!

       Antacid Tablet Race

       Paper Rockets

       Newton Car

       Balloon Staging

       Rocket Transportation

       Bottle Rocket

       Project X-35





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